Parents / Caregivers

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Parent Information and Forms:

  • 2021 School Calendar/Important Dates
  • Parent Portal (how to log on, what you find there)
    • Each child and their parents are given a login and password to the parent portal. Signing in gives you access to:
  1. Your childs contact details on record
  2. List of any fees outstanding
  3. Your childs attendance record for each subject daily
  4. School reports
  5. Each childs assessment levels for numeracy and literacy
  6. A record of your childs learning progress
  7. A summary of the NCEA credits achieved at all levels
  • COVID Update
    • Get the latest updates about Alert Levels, and other other official information and advice, on the Cook Islands COVID-19 website:
    • Any changes in the situation will be advised as and when they happen via the School Website and Facebook Page.

  • Fees

    • By paying the annual contribution you are assisting the school in the delivery a quality education to your child. It also helps to lower the level of fundraising required.
    • Current Contribution Levels

The school contribution is $50 per child. In addition to this, your child may have subject fees and will be dependent on the courses chosen.

If you are having trouble paying school fee’s please contact Mona Tauraa and she will assist with a payment plan and she will assist you with a payment plan.

  • Stationary List
Year 9 and 10 Students: 1B5/1E5 Exercise Books (Core/Options) will be provided by the school To be purchased by each student from any stationery outlet:
  • Pencil (HB)
  • Pen: Black and Blue
  • Rubber
  • 30cm Ruler
  • Glue Stick
  • Coloured Pencil/felts
  • Calculator (Ideally Scientific)
Stationery List for Senior Students: 1 Exercise Book per subject will be provided by the school Scientific Calculator (Lvl 1 Students) - compulsory - can be purchased through school Graphics Calculator (Lvl 2 & 3 Mathematics students) - compulsory - can be purchased through school All other stationery requirements made known through your subject teacher.
  • General Policy
School Policies
  • Strategic Plan
Tereora Strategic Plan


These calendars provide details of what subject assessments are due and when for each class and year level.

Online Support:

Online learning support is available if you are looking for out of school resources to support your child’s learning. Check with your anau teachers as some of the programs that may appear to require payment may be available through the school for free.

  • After School Learning
    • Refer to weekly calendar on the website for details of after school learning here at Tereora College. Or contact your child’s anau teacher for details. There is currently an afterschool homework support program running.
  • Tutors
    • Currently seeking Tutors offering tutoring services. Please send details of your tutoring services to

Communication From Parents:

If you would like to discuss concerns regarding your childs progress please contact your childs anau teacher in the first instance. If you are not satisfied with the response or actions taken to address your concerns you can contact the Manager of Anau.


  • Details of Fundraising efforts by the school are advertised in the School Newsletter and on the School Facebook Page.
  • If you would like to make a donation to support the school please send an email to


There are several funding opportunities for students wanting to obtain a tertiary education. If studying in NZ either at university, a technical college or a trade, the first-year fees are free. See links to different scholarships on offer below:

Scholarships for Study Abroad -

Career Planning:


Before NCEA parents and students should start here – it provides advice on how the child should choose its NCEA subjects.

Links to courses or training providers and details on how to plan their courses and training options. This site enables parents and students to plan from school through to tertiary and provides details on scholarships and other funding support to enable the student further their studies.

Where there are limited subject options parents/students need to pay attention to what it is they want to do. This Article is very helpful:


Within this article are the following links:


Links on this page to a Jobs Database – providing students with details on the job options that are out there, on the qualifications or level of study needed for that job and the salary range.


This provides parents and students with information on how their NCEA studies are applied to their future work prospects – i.e. the qualifications and skills required by industry.