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Tereora is a Year 9 - 13 college with a roll of 760 students. All students are placed in a “vertical” Anau class each year. This means that any given Anau class has students from all year levels in it.

Each Anau class is headed by an Anau teacher, and has approximately 16-18 students. The Anau teacher has responsibility for the pastoral and academic welfare of students in the Anau class and is the first point of contact for parents for all matters.


Each Anau class is placed in one of four Anau groups. There are ten Anau classes in each Anau.

A senior staff member is appointed the Manager of Anau and has authority over his /her Anau group.

Once a student is placed in an Anau class, and Anau group he/she will remain in that Anau class and Anau group  for the entire time at the college, with the same Anau teacher.

The vast majority of students enter the College at Year 9 from a variety of contributing schools, including Apii Arorangi, Apii Nikao, Apii Avarua and Apii Te Uki Ou. However, many students also come to the College to complete their senior years (Years 11-13) and gain the NCEA Qualification.  The College welcomes approximately 50 students from the outer islands each year.


Anau Leaders

Anau Leaders

Six Anau leaders are selected by the Manager of each Anau making a total of 24 Anau leaders in all. 


The Head leaders meet with the Deputy Principal of Pastoral on a regular basis and are responsible for leading all the other Anau leaders.


All Anau leaders are expected to be outstanding role models at all times and are also required to carry out a range of duties around the college.

Student Council

Student Council

An elected Student Council acts as a forum for student opinion. Each form elects a class representative and from these representatives, two level representatives are elected to be on the Council.


The Student Council elects its own Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and Staff Liaison person. The Student Council raises funds and spends these on student welfare or charitable projects.


Regular meetings of the full Council and of the class representatives are held.


General Behaviour

General Behaviour

Respecting other people and their property is a basic Christian concept held in high regard at Tereora College.

Students are encouraged to:

• Show respect and remain quiet when the Principal or a guest enters the classroom 
• Treat people as you would like them to treat you 
• Speak to other students, staff and visitors with respect 
• Be polite and well mannered at all times 
• Avoid using bad language - this will not be tolerated 
• Look after your own property, other students’ property and College property 
• Be honest – theft is a serious offence 
• Be ready (have correct books and pens) and willing to work during classes 
• Allow the teacher to teach and do not interrupt unnecessarily 
• Attend College regularly so as not to disrupt your learning and that of others in your classes 
• Be aware of the College polices on smoking, drinking and taking drugs to avoid suspension or exclusion from Tereora College. 
• Ask, ask and ask again if you are unclear about ANYTHING! Someone will be able to help you 

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